Help us give Mish & Lucy a better future

Donate today to help the unluckiest bear cubs in the world

With their mother gone and unable to fend for themselves, their fate was sealed. They couldn't go back into the wild without their mother to take care of them as they would not survive. The two bear cubs desperately need a forever home to give them a chance of a happy, healthy future!

As world leading experts for the rescue and rehabilitation of bears, we know, with your help, we can offer them the very best possible future. Mish and Lucy are currently being held in a temporary enclosure which they will soon outgrow. To avoid future health issues, it is vital that we complete their forever home at Wildwood in Devon by Spring 2021 and we need your help to make this happen.

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Help us bring the Wildcats back to Britain

Our aim is to create the first British population of wildcats outside of Scotland since the 1800’s. The species disappeared from England and Wales a century ago because of persecution during a time when all predators, including Wildcats were considered as vermin. With your help, we can begin to establish a self-sustaining Wildcat population in areas where they once would have thrived.

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