These stunning images of some of Britain’s rarest wildlife were captured last week by internationally famous National Geographic photographer, Joel Sartore.
Wildwood Trust was honoured that its rare wildlife would be immortalised in the National Geographic Photo Ark project. Using the power of photography, the project aims to inspire people to help save species at risk before it’s too late.

Photo Ark founder and National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore has visited 40 countries in his quest to create this photo archive of global biodiversity. Joel selected Wildwood Trust to capture some of Britain’s most endangered species to join the Photo Ark and inspire people to join the fight to prevent their extinction.
These wonderful images were only made possible by a combination of Joel Sartore's skill and technique, and with the expertise of Wildwood Trust's keepers, who were tasked with the tricky job of keeping the animals still and relaxed during the shoot.


Wildwood Director Peter Smith said:
“Wildwood Trust has been honoured by the National Geographic Society which has recognised the invaluable work we do to save our most threatened wildlife. These incredible images captures the true beauty of our wildlife and demonstrates why efforts to save them are so important.”
Joel Sartore said:
“It was a honour to be invited to capture these intimate portraits of Britain’s most endangered animals and see the excellent work of the Wildwood Trust. I hope these images of Wildwood’s animals will inspire people to care, to fall in love, and take action to protect these species”.