We are pleased to announce that the Wildwood Bear Appeal total now stands at £23,000! 

We now have enough funds to start work and will shortly begin construction of the bears' night-time accomodation area which will form part of the finished enclosure.
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far – but we still need help to reach our target and rescue the bears from a life of misery and neglect.
Please donate now and help us reach our £50,000 target:
Online: Click here to donate online
By Phone: Please call the Wildwood office on 01227 712 111
By Text: Text "BEAR21 £5" to 70070*
By Post: Send cheques made payable to "Wildwood Trust" to Wildwood Trust, Herne Common, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 7LQ. Please write "Bear Appeal" plus your name and address on the back of your cheque. If you would like us to Gift Aid your donation please indicate this also. 

Watch this moving piece from ITV Meridian News about the bear appeal, please note that this was filmed at the start of our appeal when our total was only £5,000!

Wildwood has been left star-struck after one of Britain's best-loved celebrities joined the fight to rescue two brown bears from misery and neglect.
The celebrity in question is none other than Sooty; Britain's favourite bear! With a magical career spanning over 60 years and a special place in the hearts of children young and old; the cheeky bear is the perfect personality to help the our ambitious charity appeal.
Wildwood's Park Manager, Jon May said "To be honest we are stunned to receive such high-profile support. We are just a small charity and Sooty is a genuine British super-star! We are very grateful for his help with the appeal."
More about the Wildwood Bear Appeal
Wildwood is appealing to all of its members and supporters to help raise £50,000 to rescue two brown bears from horrendous living conditions and give them a safe happy home in our woodland wildlife park.
The bears are currently kept in small, barren concrete pits in an abandoned bear breeding centre called Kormisosh, in Bulgaria. Kormisosh was used to breed bears to be shot by hunters until 1993 when bear hunting was outlawed. As a result, Kormisosh was abandoned, leaving the bears to a life of misery and neglect.
The bears receive only basic care and a sub-standard diet of dried porridge. They have never been outside of their concrete pens, have never seen a tree or walked on grass, and with no mental stimulus they are in danger of losing their minds.
Wildwood is working in partnership with Alertis; a bear welfare foundation based in the Netherlands which works to protect and rehome mistreated and neglected bears. Alertis runs projects to protect bears around the world and works to find them suitable homes free from neglect and abuse. Alertis is currently monitoring the bears at Kormisosh until Wildwood raises the funds to bring them to their new home.