Wildwood's chief executive, Peter Smith has been getting close the seat of Government and advising a Lib Dems group on how to give wildlife value in the UK.

Peter, an ecologist and now environmental economist, has been advocating a century old economic reform as the key to saving the wildlife of the UK.
Peter wrote a new paper, Wildlife, Environment & Land Value Tax (LVT), which was presented at this year's Lib Dem conference.
The report highlights how switching to a LVT system in the UK would not only be beneficial for the economy, but would also help to protect wildlife by encouraging land owners to use their land in ways that benefit wildlife, rather than in ways that destroys it.
The ALTER group (Action for Land Taxation and Economic Reform) is a key Lib Dem group on economic reform with Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and Business Secretary, Vince Cable as its vice-presidents.
Peter said "Replacing income tax and taxes on real wealth with a Land Value Tax (LVT) on all land in the UK will not only create jobs and boost the economy, but is the key to protecting our wildlife and conservation of natural resources."
"The idea of Land Value Tax is not a new one, in fact it has been debated by politicians and economists for decades, it has had support from many high profile figures such as Lloyd George, Sir Winston Churchill and even Albert Einstein. In today's bleak economic times LVT is the clear answer to cutting unemployment, rescuing our economy from recession and saving wildlife"