Welcome to the September edition of our newsletter. Summer is well and truly over now, but we're still busy at Wildwood and have plenty of news to report!

If you wish to know more about any of our stories or The Wildwood Trust in general, then please feel free to email us at info@wildwoodtrust.org

Thanks for reading and for your continued support. We'll see you again soon!

Wildcat enclosure

We've upgraded our main wildcat enclosure, which is next to the rat barn. There are plenty of new play things and structures to provide them with entertainment and enrichment. They're loving the new additions!


Wolves get an upgrade

The upgrade to our wolf enclosure continues! Our two young wolves, Nuna and Odin, will soon have a massive area to strut around in and, hopefully, birth a new wolf pack for next year.

We're currently removing parts of the old enclosure and preparing the ground for the new fencing which will be going in soon. The plans are coming together on schedule and we should be ready for the New Year.


Pine martens are lively

The cooler weather isn't great for us, but it leads a lot of our animals to be more active. The Pine Martens have been particularly lively at the moment. Come down and see if you can spot all of them. Top tip - late afternoon is when they're most likely to be awake.


Otter update

Freya, our female otter that sleeps all day, is starting to venture out in daylight! Here she is bonding (from a distance) with Loki.
Shouldn't be long until they are playing in the pond together...


Grotto bookings now being taken

We are pleased to announce that our legendary hand-crafted Santa's Grotto is now ready to book for 2017! Email us at help@wildwoodtrust.org or phone 01227 209621 to find out more or to make a booking.

More information can be found on our website at https://wildwoodtrust.org/things-do/christmas-grotto


Halloween half-term

Half-term is already fast approaching and we have plenty to do at Wildwood. There are events, folklore animal talks, a medieval weekend, pumpkin competition, fancy dress and FREE trail.


Rewilding conference

A brilliant day was had at the rewilding conference organised by the Wildwood education team and hosted by DICE, University of Kent. Exciting presentations from the speakers that provided much 'food for thought' - hopefully we will have the presentations up on the web soon!


Ham Fen beavers

Delegates to our rewilding conference also discovered the amazing transformation of Ham Fen thanks to our beavers. The site is not yet open to the public, but you can get in touch with Kent Wildlife Trust to find out more.



Another massive thank you to all of our volunteers who make our work as a charity so much easier. Kent Student Union staff cleared the old mink enclosure for the imminent arrival of new terrapins and cut browse to feed to the pygmy goats. NatWest staff volunteered to help clear out our old wolf enclosure and bear enclosure. They both did a fantastic job!


Konik horses at Stodmarsh

These before and after images are thanks to Paul Jay, who has been photo documenting the improvements that our Konik horses have been making to the Stodmarsh marshland. 


Saving dormice

How do you stop an animal going extinct? Louisa Britton from KMTV finds out about the amazing work of Wildwood Trust housing Britain’s most successful dormouse rescue and breeding centre. Look at the video here.