Wildwood is proud to introduce our newest addition to the park, Rodni the baby badger.

Rodni, who got her name after being found abandoned in Rodmersham, nr Sittingbourne, was brought to Wildwood by the East Kent Badger Group in April.
Before being officially re-homed at Wildwood, Rodni underwent a series of medical checks to confirm that she was healthy enough to join Wildwood's existing clan. During this time Rodni lived with Wildwood keeper Karen Price who enjoyed looking after her at her home.
"Rodni is quite boisterous as you would expect from a young badger, unfortunately after being abandoned she doesn't have the skills to go back to the wild so we have been getting her used to being around people."
Now that Rodni is at Wildwood she is currently living part-time in the badger enclosure until she is used to the environment and is able to hold her own with the other adult badgers.
Karen said "As Rodni is a lot smaller than our other badgers we need to be sure that she will be able to look after herself so we are introducing her slowly to the enclosure and the other badgers. Once she is a little larger and at home with the clan then she will live with them full time." 
Badgers are just one of the huge range of British animals that can be seen at Wildwood; the ideal day out for all the family where you can come 'nose to nose' with British Wildlife. 
A visit to Wildwood is a truly inspirational way to learn about the natural history of Britain by actually seeing the wildlife that once lived here, like the wolf, beaver, red squirrel, lynx, wild boar and many more. For more information visit the website at www.wildwoodtrust.org or telephone 0871 7820087.