Sir Roger Gale MP for North Thanet has lent a helping hand today feeding the rescued bears and Lynx at Wildwood Trust. Sir Roger has been a helper at Wildwood for over 20 years giving advice on setting up the charity and even emergency help at the Brambles wildlife park which Wildwood grew out of. Sir Roger came to Wildwood this week to learn more about our charitable aims of rewilding Britain and our forthcoming appeal to build a ground breaking residential rewilding education centre.

Sir Roger is a well know animal rights campaigner and has been a good friend to Wildwood Trust since its earliest beginnings. Sir Roger's highlight was feeding the rescued bears and he remarked on the amazing transformation from the “world’s saddest bears” bred to be hunted to the happy bears thriving in the UK’s leading bear rescue facility. The Wildwood bear rescue facility comprises over 1.5 acres of woodland with a huge pool, waterfall and a massive rope bridge that allows visitors to gaze upon them at play. The facility was built from donations to the Wildwood Trust by local members who helped raise £140,000 for their rescue.
Sir Roger was also keen to learn of the issues behind rewilding and the Trust’s plans to assist in the reintroduction of Lynx back to the UK. Many people fear lynx but wildlife expert and Trust boss Peter Smith assured Sir Roger that there was no danger to humans as lynx have never attacked any people, including children, in the wild and their impact on sheep farming would be very small, but the benefits in rewilding are huge. Rewilded uplands would not just be great for wildlife but the benefits to people will be huge as well; helping to reduce flooding, cleaning our water and helping combat climate change.