Four new wolf cubs born at Wildwood
We're so happy to announce that Odin and Nuna are first-time parents to four adorable cubs. The cubs are now six weeks-old and growing up fast. They're active early and late in the day and can be seen in or around their den directly opposite the bear enclosure. We'll be letting them and parents into their large enclosure when they have their health check at approximately 12 weeks old.

Brand new reptile house
Our new reptile house is now open opposite the rat barn. Residents include reptiles (corn snake, california king snake, four-line snake), amphibians (common toad, common frog, tree frog) and invertebrates (tarantulas, millipede, hissing cockroach). Some of the animals included are not native to our shores, but are highly prized as pets who do get released into our countryside.


2018 dormouse release
The Wildwood Trust team are celebrating after another record breaking year, this time providing 29 of the 39 dormice that have been recently released in a bid to halt the extinction of one of Britain’s most treasured wild animals.
This 2018 reintroduction took place near Coventry and follows two previous dormice reintroductions in the area which have been a success.
Not only is Wildwood the UK’s leading captive breeding centre for dormice but also manages the national dormouse studbook, making the vital choices of which individuals will be released and who breeds with who to avoid inbreeding.


Lynx experience
We're just putting together the final touches to our brand new lynx experience lauching soon. Participants will get the opportunity to find out more about this potential keystone species and their role in the woodland. You'll also get the chance to get behind-the-scenes access and feed them up close and personal.



Wildwood horses rewilding Wales
Wildwood have been hard at work helping to develop a bold new rewilding project in Wales - our wild horses are central to helping a new Wildwood to grow on wrecked overgrazed upland farmland. We are hopeful this is the beginning of the rewilding of our uplands and the return of our native wildlife including Red Squirrels and Pine Martens. Find out more here:


2018 BIAZA Awards
Wildwood is celebrating again this year after hearing it has won a Gold, Silver and Bronze in the 2018 BIAZA awards. It is the 2nd year in a row we have won a gold, silver and bronze, in recognition of the high standard of our activities and we couldn't be prouder.


Whisker touch sensing
We're very proud of our very own Vicki Breakell who was part of the team researching "Whisker touch sensing guides locomotion in small, quadrupedal mammals". The paper has now been published by no less than The Royal Society! Well done Vicki.


Rare Baby Red Squirrels born at Wildwood Escot
British red squirrel conservation work in Devon got a welcome boost during the May half term. At Wildwood Escot in Ottery St Mary, recently arrived mum, Autumn gave birth to a new litter of kits. 


Avoid summer queues
Just a reminder to members to please bring their membership cards when visiting the park, particularly when it is busy, as not having a card means that we have to check membership on our database. This can be time consuming and will mean that members will have to queue with paying guests rather than fast-tracking. Thanks!