Dormice, voted by Bill Oddie as his favourite animal while filming on location at Wildwood and the star in the latest ‘viral’ YouTube hit, are in great danger, but this Christmas you can do something about it!

Wildwood has teamed up with the Kent Mammal Group to save the dormouse by offering this year’s must have Christmas present, your very own dormouse home.
Available from the Wildwood shop or mail order this desirable residence, made from the finest sustainable resources by the skilled hands of Kentish craftsmen, can be had for the amazing price of only £10.

Wildwood Trust Founder & President of the Kent Mammal Group, Ken West, said:
“We have strived over 15 years to perfect the perfect home for dormice, and built them from the finest sustainable materials . Our research shows that we can make a significant contribution to the survival of the species if we have nestboxes put up around the county.”
“Dormouse nest boxes provide secure and sheltered places for dormice to spend the day and raise their young. They are valuable in any type of woodland, particularly in young scrub where there is a shortage of natural tree holes.”

Wildwood  run the UK’s biggest dormouse breeding centre and every year  we rescue endangered dormice who enter our  breeding programme. The offspring of these dormice will go on to re-populate areas where they have gone extinct.
Wildwood has a special information sheet on how and where to put your nest box and our staff will be on hand to help explain how you can help . Members of the public are advised that is against the law to disturb dormice nestboxes once erected as this can hurt these endangered mammals.

Order online here
Dormouse nest boxes are just some of the wonderful wildlife gifts that can be purchased from Wildwood Trust this Christmas. You can also visit Santa in his woodland grotto, buy a Christmas tree or browse through hundreds of wildlife Christmas gifts in our shop. for more information visit the website at or telephone 01227 712 111