Wildwood is proud to announce the arrival of our newest animals; 3 European bison.

The European bison is the largest terrestrial mammal ever to live in Britain and were native throughout Europe before being made extinct in the wild in the 1920’s.
Wildwood’s head keeper, Paul Wirdnam, who has several years experience of looking after bison said “it’s fantastic to have these magnificent creatures at Wildwood. Many people don’t realise that animals of this size used to live in the UK, but now they have the chance to see them for themselves.”
Bison are the largest animals ever to be kept at Wildwood and at up to 2m tall and weighing up to 1000kg; their arrival has posed some challenges for the keeper and ranger teams.
Keeper Paul said “Despite their large size, bison are very agile and can be quite wilful animals, so we have had to specially design their enclosure to give them plenty of space and a natural habitat whilst allowing safe access for staff and a good viewing area for visitors”.
The specially designed paddock and log-cabin style enclosure has been built by the Wildwood ranger team and volunteers to allow visitors to see these amazing creatures in a natural setting.
Bison are just one of the huge range of British animals that can be seen at Wildwood; the ideal day out for all the family where you can come 'nose to nose' with British Wildlife.