Wildwood staff are celebrating today at the historic decision to give formerly native beavers full legal protection. 

Wildwood Trust have worked for nearly 20 years to reestablish beaver back to the UK, the Scottish Government announced that beavers are to get full legal protection & native resident status. This is a major battle we have campaigned for since our first beaver project started back in 1999. This led to the formation of our charity and has been our main campaign effort all that time. The campaign is not over as BREXIT could threaten how this is incorporated into the law in England and allow for natural recolonisation of English waterways. 
Wildwood Trust's CEO Peter Smith commented:
When we started the project back in 1999 everyone though it could never happen – but drive, hard work and determination has created this milestone in reversing wildlife loss. Beavers are now free to naturally recolonise the UK and this will be the biggest positive step for wildlife in the last 100 years. Beaver back in our streams will do more for wildlife than any other conservation project yet to be devised.
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