As a small charity Wildwood relies on the support of our members and sponsors for donations to enable us to carry our our vital work to save British Wildlife. Wildwood Trust would like to say a BIG thank you to all our funders and supporters; we couldn’t do what we do without you! Find out more about some of the people who have helped our charitable work here: 
Pond Preservation Project 
Thanks to a grant from Naturesave Trust, our Pond Preservation Project will develop the area around two natural ponds within Wildwood to allow visitors to explore a natural freshwater habitat and learn about the species it supports in a fun and exciting way. 
Bee Conservation 
HLF have funded a new bee conservation project at Wildwood. Funding allowed us to make improvements to our current bee exhibit, and run a range of bee courses and family activities to involve the local community in bee conservation initiatives. 
Membership Database 
Through the HLF Catalyst grants scheme Wildwood received funding to upgrade its membership database. The new system will allow us improve the service we are able to provide to our valued members and supporters. 
Skills for the Future Trainees 
HLF funded a four year project for Wildwood to train 20 people in the skills needed to begin a career in the heritage sector. Over the course of the project, which finished in October 2014, 5 people spent a year training with each of the keeper, ranger, conservation and education departments. 
Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has also helped to fund past education such as our Schools Outreach Officer and Natural Heritage Officer positions. 
Volunteer Co-ordinator 
Awards for All have funded the cost of a volunteer co-ordinator at Wildwood for one year. This position will help us to establish a volunteer programme and provide opportunities for members of the local community to work alongside staff and develop new skills and experiences. 
Outdoor Classroom 
Funding from Awards for All in 2012 allowed us to build an outdoor classroom and workshop to provide shelter on rainy days for school groups and volunteers respectively. 
Ecominds volunteering scheme 
We received funding for a three year project providing opportunities for people with direct experience of mental distress to volunteer at Wildwood, develop their confidence and skills and benefit from spending time in our ancient woodland. This project ran from September 2009 to April 2013, and we are currently working to continue the scheme through funding from Awards for All. 
Pathways Improvements 
Funding from Viridor Credits enabled Wildwood to repair and upgrade areas of our pathway damaged by the heavy rain using recycled materials. The renovations will help pathways to withstand future adverse weather conditions and ensure all visitors can enjoy exploring the woodland all year round. 
Conservation Building 
In 2012 Viridor Credits funded our conservation building which provides a space for our conservation team to carry out research, hand rear juvenile dormice and breed small mammals such as shrews and harvest mice. Visitors to the park can look into the building to get see the work going on behind the scenes to help conserve these endangered species. 
Nocturnal house and dormouse breeding enclosures 
Wildwood received funding from Biffa Award for new dormice breeding enclosures and a new nocturnal house. The nocturnal house will give visitors the opportunity to see small nocturnal mammals such as hazel dormice, hedgehogs and edible dormice for the very first time.  
W G Harvey Discretionary Trust  
Funding from the WG Harvey Discretionary Trust helped us to build our new wetland centre, including a new otter enclosure. 
Funding from the Waterloo Foundation helped us to build our new wetland centre, including a new otter enclosure. 
Canterbury City Council work with us on a number of important projects, including our wild horse project. 
CRN contract services support Wildwood by donating a percentage of the profit they make from their work controlling and managing pest species each month. 
The Blean Initiative works to promote the Blean Woods adjacent to Wildwood, which are internationally recognised as important for wildlife. Designations include National Nature Reserve - managed specifically for its wildlife, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a County Wildlife Site - a site of importance within the County of Kent, and a Local Nature Reserve.