November 2018 - February 2019
Saturday 10th November
Fungi Ecology and Identification part 2
Tutor: Steve Kirk
Aimed at intermediate level, i.e. those who have completed part 1 or who have been on previous forays who wish to expand their knowledge.
This course will include an extensive foray in the park and woods, including drawing fungi. More scientific terms will be applied than in part 1. Participants will be introduced to some simple chemical tests to assist in the identification of certain species. They will also be taught how to make spore prints and will examine spores under the microscope to understand their use in the identification process.
10.00am - 4.00pm
£30 per person *
* Book together with Fungi Ecology part 1 held on 20.10.18 for £50
Saturday 17th November
Harvest Mouse Ecology and Surveying for Consultants
Tutor: Steve Kirk
A course designed for environmental professionals such as ecological consultants, reserve wardens and other land managers to raise awareness of this important and frequently overlooked small mammal, in this the 250th anniversary year since its discovery. The morning will be spent with a classroom-based presentation on the most up-to-date understanding of harvest mouse ecology, and will also cover different survey techniques to search for the presence of this Species of Principal Importance. There will be an opportunity to view live harvest mice in Wildwood’s captive breeding programme and also to examine specimen nests. The afternoon will be spent in the field surveying and finding evidence of these creatures, to demonstrate some of the factors that might influence their distribution in the environment.
10.00am - 4.00pm
£50 per person
Sunday 25th November
Wildwood's Natural Skincare Lab
Tutors: Donna Murphy and Helen Lynn
In this hands-on one day course, learn how to formulate your own medicinal balms, deodorants, scrubs and other natural skincare products. Find out about the detrimental impacts to health, wildlife and the environment from the plastic packaging and ingredients used in everyday skincare and personal care products. Discuss how you can reduce the impact of your own routine and your exposure to potentially harmful ingredients.
You’ll work with herbs, essential oils, nut oils, butters and a range of other natural ingredients to make your own products to take away with you, along with the formulations to get you started in setting up your very own skincare and cosmetics chemistry lab at home. Take home what you make as gifts or to pamper yourself.
For adults and young people. Minimum age 14. Conditions apply for under 18s, please email or phone before booking.
10.00am - 3.00pm
£40 per person
Saturday 1st December
Festive Willow Wreaths
Tutor: Hazel Ryan
Use locally grown colourful willow and dogwood stems to make a re-usable wreath base then decorate it with natural materials, all sourced locally. Take it home to hang on your front door or as a table decoration. Materials provided.
10.30am - 1.00pm
£25 per person
Saturday 12th January
Small Mammal Survey Skills
Tutor: Hazel Ryan
In partnership with Kent Mammal Group (KMG)
Learn how to survey for our smallest mammals using live, humane traps. Includes handling, sexing and identification, trap designs and mechanisms and principles of baiting and setting traps, surveying methods and legislation.
9.30am - 4.30pm
£30 per person *
* Book together with Kent Mammal ID Course held on 9.2.18 for £50
Saturday 19th January
Harvest Mouse Ecology and Surveying
Tutor: Steve Kirk
In Partnership with the Heritage Lottery Fund and Kent Mammal Group (KMG)
This course is for anyone wishing to participate in the Kent Harvest Mouse Survey. It will inform you about the key factors affecting the status and distribution of harvest mice in this country. Examine a variety of harvest mouse nests and gain the practical surveying experience in the field needed for the survey.
10.00am - 4.00pm
Free for survey volunteers *
* To book, email
Saturday 26th January
Skull Preparation Course
Tutor: Anne Riddell
Hands-on course for bones enthusiasts. How to prepare a mammal skull for education or reference use, plus what skulls can tell us about the age, gender and health of their former owners. Prepare animals such as rabbits or water voles, but participants are able to bring a specimen of their own in to prepare if preferred.
10.30am - 4.00pm
£30 per person
Saturday 9th February
Kent Mammal Identification
Tutor: Suzanne Kynaston
In partnership with Kent Mammal Group (KMG)
Learn how to identify our larger mammals from their tracks, signs and sightings. Includes a tour of the park to see some of the animals in the flesh and a close up examination of skins, skulls and antlers. Please note that this course does not include mice, voles or shrews which are covered in the Small Mammal Survey Skills course.
9.45am - 4.15pm
£30 per person *
* Book together with Kent Mammal ID Course held on 12.1.18 for £50
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