January 2018 - February 2018
Saturday 13th January
Small Mammal Survey Skills
9.30am - 4.30pm                   £30 per person
Tutor: Hazel Ryan
Learn how to survey for our smallest mammals using live, humane traps. Includes handling, sexing and identification, trap designs and mechanisms and principles of baiting and setting traps, surveying methods and legislation.
* In partnership with Kent Mammal Group (KMG). Book together with Kent Mammal ID Course held on 10.2.17 for £50.
Saturday 20th January
Harvest Mouse Ecology and Surveying
10.00am - 4.00pm                        Free for survey volunteers
Tutor: Steve Kirk
This course is for anyone wishing to participate in the Wildwood Harvest Mouse Survey. Learn about the key factors affecting the status and distribution of harvest mice in this project. An opportunity to examine a variety of harvest mouse nests and gain the practical surveying experience in the field needed for the surveys.
* In Partnership with Kent Mammal Group (KMG)
Saturday 27th January
Blame the Ice Age
10.30am - 4.00pm                   £30 per person
Tutor: Anne Riddell
How did the Ice Age influence the mammal fauna of Britain? How was it woolly mammoths walked here, followed by the mammals we find today, but the humble house mouse was caught out by rising seas? This course also explores modern science’s plans to bring back those Ice Age giants.
Saturday 10th February
Kent Mammal Identification
9.45am - 4.15pm                   £30 per person (Book together with Small Mammal Survey Skills course for £50).
Tutor: Suzanne Kynaston
Learn how to identify our larger mammals from their tracks, signs and sightings. Includes a tour of the park to see some of the animals in the flesh and a close up examination of skins, skulls and antlers. Please note that this course does not include mice, voles or shrews which are covered in the Small Mammal Survey Skills course.
Date and venue to be confirmed
Living Willow Structures
9.45am - 4.15pm                   £45 per person
Tutor: Hazel Ryan
Learn how to create living garden features such as an arbour, tunnel or ‘fedge’ (living fence). Locally grown willow of different colour varieties will be used. Techniques learnt on this course can be adapted for other types of structure. Take a few cuttings home. Includes information on site preparation and aftercare.
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