Wild Boar

Sus scrofa

Wild boar are members of the pig family, and used to roam wild in the UK until they were hunted to extinction in the 1300s. They are the size of a large dog but far heavier, with dark grey skin and reddish brown bristles. They have small tusks and a hump over their shoulders. Boarlets are born in the spring, and have orange stripes which gradually fade as they grow. Boars live in matriarchal groups (the oldest female in charge) with adult male boars living separately. Wild boar are living wild in the UK again, in isolated areas, having escaped from wild boar farms. However these animals are shy and you are unlikely to see them in the wild. You can see the wild boar at Wildwood amongst pine forest. For their size the boar blend in to their environment surprisingly well. Look for mounds of what appear to be earth - if it's moving, it's a boar! At feeding time they will come close to the edge of the enclosure and root in the earth with their strong snouts.

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