Tawny Owl

Strix aluco

The tawny owl is a nocturnal woodland bird with dappled brown feathers, so is rarely seen in the wild, despite being our most common owl in the UK. It is smaller than the barn owl, standing up to 39 cm high. They roost in branches by day, and fly lower to sit in ambush closer to the ground at night. They have exceptional eyesight and hearing and hunt small creatures on the woodland floor. Tawnys have short stubby wings to fly amongst the trees, and fly absolutely silently. Tawny owls are the only owl to make the classic tu-whit tu-whoo call, which is made as a duet. The male sings tu-whit and the female replies tu-whoo. You can see Tawny owls in two enclosures at Wildwood, the first a breeding pair by the badger building (look high in the rafters or into the nest box from inside the badger building) and the second two sisters next to the Rat barn. These owls are inquisitive and often perch near the path to watch the passers-by.

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