Red Squirrel

Sciurus vulgaris

Red squirrels are one of Britain's most attractive woodland animals and one of it's rarest. They are easily recognisable, with long back legs for jumping and a long bushy tail, which they wrap around themselves to keep warm in winter and to shade themselves from the sun in summer. They are smaller than grey squirrels and have distinctive ear tufts, and a deep red coat. Baby squirrels look very much like their parents, but are a little smaller and have no ear tufts. At Wildwood, the best times to see the red squirrel are just after 10 am and again at about 3 pm for the summer months, and around mid day during the winter. They often come out for food, but spend much of the winter in their dray in the warm. They are quite small and their red fur blends in surprisingly well with their surroundings, so look carefully to spot them!

Red Fox Reindeer