Red Deer

Cervus elaphus

The red deer is our largest land mammal, standing over a metre to the shoulder. Its summer coat is reddish brown to brown; winter coat is brown to grey. There are no spots present in adult coat. The stags (males) have large, highly branched antlers, with the number of branches increasing with age. The stags grow these antlers for the autumn mating season, The antlers drop off in winter and a new set is grown the next year. They are native to the UK and widespread in forests and heathland. Red deer are herbivores, grazing on grass, bushes and tree leaves. You can see the red deer at Wildwood past the wild boar enclosure, amongst pine forest. They blend in well with their surroundings; look through the trees to the clearing, or to the feed station filled with hay, where they often congregate.

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