Erinaceus europaeus

The hedgehog is an insectivore native to the UK. Most people will be familiar with these garden-visitors, snuffling in the undergrowth at dusk. The back and sides are covered in 25mm (1") long spines (which are really modified hairs). These are absent from the face, throat, chest, belly, and legs, which are covered with coarse, grey-brown fur. There are approximately 5,000-7,000 spines on an average adult hedgehog and it has a small tail tucked under the spines at the back. Hedgehogs suffer from fleas and ticks which get between their spines and are hard for the hedgehog to groom. Hedgehogs are noisy eaters, and eat insects, slugs and snails. At Wildwood our hedgehogs live in our Nocturnal House where day becomes night to allow visitors to see nocturnal species.

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