Meles meles

Badgers are one of our largest wild animals in the UK, about the size of a collie but with short stubby legs and a short tail. They are members of the weasel family (mustelids). They are omnivores, enjoying eating everything from worms and beetles to eggs, fruit and nuts. They are grey with distinctive black and white stripes along their faces and white tips to their round ears. Each badger has slightly different face markings, thought to help them tell each other apart in the dark. They live in large family groups in dens (called "setts") underground, and forage for food at dusk. They are immensely powerful diggers, and have large claws on each foot for this purpose. You can see the badgers at Wildwood late in the afternoon when they have been fed, or mid day on sunny days in the winter. At other times you can see them curled up together asleep in their den inside.

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