Summer Fun at Wildwood
25th July – 2nd September
Looking for the perfect family day out this summer? Put a smile on everyone's face with a trip to Wildwood. Come and see the new wolf cubs in their huge woodland enclosure, watch our rescued bears play fighting in their pool, explore our new reptile house and marvel at the mischievous new boar piglets. Grab a bite to eat at our cafe or bring a picnic as you let your kids run wild in our adventure play park with climbing walls, rope bridges, slides and scary drop slide PLUS we have over 50 species of native British animals from past and present in our 42 acre woodland and plenty of FREE activities to keep everyone entertained throughout the summer holidays!
FREE Activities and Crafts
Birds of Prey
Watch our native birds of prey swoop and soar in our daily flying show (weather permitting).
Meet the Animal
Your chance to meet one of our cuddly, friendly critters up close. Snakes, creepy crawlies, ferrets, bats, dormice, harvest mice, water voles and water shrews will all be appearing regularly at one of our daily sessions.
Daily Talks
Find out more about the history and behaviour of our wild boar, fallow deer, wallabies, otters and ravens with engaging daily talks by our team.
11.00am - Wild Boar
12.00pm - Fallow Deer
1.00pm - Wallaby
2.00pm - Otter
3.00pm - Raven
Get close to nature and interact with antlers, skulls, furs and other tactile animal artifacts at our touchtables.
Mask Making
Animals have amazing faces, structured to help them thrive in the wild. Find out how they work by crafting your own animal mask.
How Do You Feed a Zoo?
Wildwood has over 200 animals, all with different nutritional needs. Discover what food our animals eat and how we manage to keep them physically healthy.
Zoo Enrichment
Some animals can get bored and need stimulation. Learn how we provide them with enrichment to keep them mentally healthy.
Face Painting
Get your own little animal looking good with our kids face painting sessions.
Bushcraft & Nature Walks
Join our very own bushcraft expert Steve Kirk and learn all about the natural world.
Summer Trails
Over the summer period, we’ll be having engaging and educational trails which take you all over the park. Don’t forget to put completed trails in our prize draw bucket for the chance to win gift vouchers.
* For a list of daily activities and times, please see the notice board by the activities centre or ask at the admissions building.