Summer Smiles at Wildwood
21st July – 3rd September
Looking for the perfect family day out this summer? Put a smile on everyone's face with a trip to Wildwood. We've added the exciting new Pine Marten Towers to the play park with climbing walls, rope bridges and slides PLUS we have our usual selection of great British animals in our 40 acre woodland and plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained throughout the summer holidays!
Meet the Animal
Your chance to meet one of our cuddly, friendly critters. Rolo the rabbit, bats, dormice, hedgehogs and ferrets will all be appearing regularly at one of our twice daily sessions.
Daily Talks
Find out more about the history and behaviour of our bears, Arctic foxes, pine martens and lynx with engaging talks by our keepers.
Get close to nature and interact with antlers, skulls, furs and other tactile animal artifacts at our touchtables on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
'Place the Face' Trails
Over the six-week summer period, we’ll be having three bi-weekly trails which all concentrate on the different faces of our animals. Can you match up the noses, eyes and ears on the trail cards to different animals in the park? Every 50p trail purchased gets a loyalty card and a pencil, every trail completed gets a prize. Collect one stamp on your loyalty card for a sticker, two for a badge and complete all three trails for an exclusive wristband. Don’t forget to put completed trails in our prize draw bucket for the chance to win gift vouchers.
Medieval Event 29/30th July
This special weekend is held by our friends, the Regia Anglorum at their hand-built Wychurst village next door to Wildwood. Entry is via the Wychurst gate (next to the bear bridge exit) and is free with the option to donate to help maintain their village. You’ll see warriors at training, Viking games, feast preparations in the longhall and battle preparations culminating in a huge battle with authentic weaponry and techniques.