Bison Experience

£70.00 30 minutes

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Wildwood Bison Experiences are a unique opportunity to meet Haydes and Orsk, with exclusive behind the scenes access. Participants will learn all about this magnificant species and their involvement in our Wilder Blean project. Find out how the bison in the Blean woods are helping to promote stronger habitats and biodiversity just by doing bison things, before getting up close to our bison at Wildwood and feeding them.

Minimum age: 12 years old. Under 18s MUST be accompanied by a paying adult as part of a couple’s experience.

Participants receive:

  • Park entry for the day
  • 30 minute Bison Experience with a talk from our keepers and the chance to feed the bison
  • £5 Cafe voucher (one per person)
  • Certificate for each participant
  • Bison fact booklet


Things to know before you book:

  • The minimum age for a Bison Experience is 12 years of age. Under 18s MUST be accompanied by a paying adult as part of a couple’s experience.
  • Participants are required to sign the Animal Experiences at Wildwood Trust Disclaimer before beginning their experience.
  • Participants must stand 1/2 a metre away from the bison fence at all times unless directed otherwise by a keeper.
  • Only participants on the Bison Experience have access to the bison. Other visitors will not be able to join or view the experience.
  • Our experiences are exclusive for your booking and you will not be part of a group.
  • Due to health and safety restrictions, Bison Experiences are strictly limited to a maximum of two participants.
  • Cancellations MUST be made at least 14 days before date of booking. Any cancellations made after this time will not be refunded unless exceptional circumstances are involved, such as illness, injury, bereavement or severe travel delays. Proof of exceptional circumstances may be required before refund is given.
  • Wildwood Trust reserves the right to change or cancel any dates for reasons such as extreme weather conditions or animal welfare issues and we will endeavour to notify you as soon as possible.
  • No direct contact (ie petting) is permitted on this experience.
  • Participants will be meeting Haydes and Orsk, the bison at Wildwood. At no point, will participants be going into the Blean to meet the bison involved in our Wilder Blean project.
  • Participants will take advice from the keepers and should follow all instructions with no deviation. Our keepers retain the right to cancel the experience at any point if they feel that to carry on will be detrimental to safety or the well-being of the bison.
  • Participants are welcome to take pictures and videos with permission from keepers. To protect the privacy of our staff, the use of a body cam is NOT ALLOWED.

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