March 8th & April 4th – Rewilding 3: Are We Ready for Lynx? & Rewilding 4: Return of the Wolf


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Sunday 8th March

10.00am – 4.00pm             

Tutor: Anne Riddell

Lynx could just be the first large carnivore to be reintroduced to Britain after centuries of predator-free farming – if a licence is granted. The third in our rewilding series looks at the archaeological evidence for the lynx in Britain, its ecology and the reasons why there is strong conservation pressure – and strong opposition – to bringing it back. It also looks at how this is being handled and public perceptions of this solitary and charismatic hunter.

Saturday 4th April

10.00am – 4.00pm             

Tutor: Anne Riddell

No rewilding series would be complete without a discussion about the wolf, its current absence from Britain and the conservation interest in bringing it back. The fourth and final rewilding course in this series looks at the history of the wolf in Britain, its ecology, pack behaviour and its recolonisation of Western Europe since WW2. It asks if wolves could be successfully reintroduced to modern Britain, what measures would be required to make that feasible and how the public might view the return of this superlative predator.

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