February 20th – Rewild Your Garden Online Event


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Saturday 20th February

10.30am – 12.30pm    

In a society that has lost its connection to nature, learn how to rewild your own space. Come and join our panel of experts via Zoom for 3 talks linking the concept of forest gardening with that of rewilding and find out how everybody can play their part in helping to make more space for wildlife.

Talk 1: Forest Gardening. Speaker, Jo Barker.

Find out more about how this inspiring ecological gardening technique, meets many human needs and increases wildlife and wellbeing. Based on principles found in nature, forest gardens will need less and less work over the years whilst providing more and more yields and increasing biodiversity. Jo believes there is a way to eat and use every single plant and that we can reduce impacts of many of our significant challenges with this knowledge by growing food, sequestering carbon and increasing biodiversity.

Talk 2: Rewilding. Speaker, Anne Riddell.

A talk examining the pros and cons of bringing back large herbivores and carnivores to modern Britain.

Talk 3: Wildlife in your Garden. Speaker, Steve Kirk.

Find out about the roles and niches of the plants and animals in your garden and the ecosystem services they provide.

Jo Barker is a Permaculture designer, teacher and forager. She specialises in edible wildlife gardens and wellbeing. She believes it’s important to include the human element in rewilding. Jo’s gardens have been awarded Gold in Kent Wildlife Gardens Wild about Garden scheme.

Anne Riddell is an ecologist who was head of wildlife education at Wildwood Trust for 15 years. She’s especially interested in large mammals and the prospects for returning them to their former ranges.

Steve Kirk is the Natural Heritage Officer at the Wildwood Trust. As part of this role he runs foraging and bushcraft events as well as writing habitat management plans. He is extremely passionate about the natural world and has a wealth of knowledge of the plant, animal and fungi kingdoms.

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Things to know before you book:
  • This event is non-refundable unless cancelled by Wildwood.
  • For more information on this event, please email courses@wildwoodtrust.org  or telephone 01227 711 471.
  • The cost for this event is £20.00 per person. If booking for more than one person, please list the names of extra attendees in the space provided.
  • After booking is completed, you will be contacted via email to provide any extra information pertinent to your booking.
  • Participants will need either a smart phone or computer, webcam and internet connection to take part in the webinar.