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Dedicate a tree for only £25 and be part of the most innovative wildlife project in the UK

There are lots of reasons to dedicate a tree, not just because trees are wonderful, but also to celebrate the birth of a baby or a christening, a birthday or anniversary, to say a special thank you or in memory of a loved one. It’s also an unusual and lasting gift for a Wedding, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Over 1000 native trees have been planted at Wildwood Trust in Kent as part of a fantastic new ‘wilder blean’ project in partnership with Kent Wildlife Trust. The new trees will increase the park’s biodiversity and help to provide the infrastructure needed to keep our animals safe as we begin to turn the woodlands surrounding Wildwood into the UK’s first truly wild woodland.

By dedicating a tree to someone special, you too can be a part of helping to make this amazing dream a reality. Tree dedications last for a year, but the trees that your donation will help fund, will last more than a lifetime.

With over 100 native trees also being planted at Wildwood Escot in Devon, this means that you can choose to display your dedication plaque at either of our parks, please choose your preferred location when you purchase.

As part of your tree dedication you will receive a certificate which you can personalise with the recipient’s name, a fact sheet with more information about this exciting new conservation programme, and a personalised plaque that will be displayed at the entrance to the new woodland area, where the trees will be growing, for a minimum of 12 months. You can instantly download your certificate and fact sheet, which can be printed at home in minutes.

Although we can’t allocate a specific tree, rest assured that your tree will be at the heart of the new woodland area and will continue to grow and flourish becoming part of the surrounding ancient woodland. A tree dedication will also help to offset up to ½ a tonne of carbon dioxide throughout the life of the tree, which means you will also be helping to make the world a better place for both people and wildlife.

All funds raised will help us to continue to care for and maintain the newly planted woodland and will also go towards making Britain a wilder place, helping us to protect our wildlife, repair damaged ecosystems and restore vital habitats.

Things to know before you purchase:

  • Please take care to select the correct Wildwood package and to enter accurate information. Your tree dedication plaque will contain the text exactly as written. Be aware that due to the size of our plaques, we have a 30 character text limit.
  • Tree dedication plaques are hand-made and can take up to 14 days to produce and mount at the tree dedication area. Please phone us on 01227 712111 to ensure that your plaque is mounted before visiting.

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* Please note that this animal is available at both our Kent and Devon parks. Please select the park where you wish your adoption and plaque to be located.

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