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Provide a home and a future for the Devon Dormouse.

Dormice are in trouble. The population has been in steady decline since 2000. In the space of 20 years, the national population fell by an alarming 51%.

With the fragmentation and outright loss of their essential habitat, dormice become isolated with limited food, vulnerable to predators, struggling to survive.

We are working hard to reverse the decline and help the Devon dormouse to thrive once again. You can help us save the dormouse from extinction…

With your help we can:
  • rescue and rehabilitate dormice in trouble
  • successfully breed and release new generations of dormice
  • extend and improve our dormouse survey activities
  • enhance and refine our scientific understanding of the Devon dormouse
  • fully train and license our keepers in the latest survey techniques
  • teach and inspire the next generation of conservationists

When you sponsor a nest box you’ll be joining the army of Wildwood supporters who are helping us to save British wildlife.

With your sponsorship you’ll receive:
  • regular up-dates from our surveys to see who’s living in your nest box
  • picture of your personalised nest box in its secret location on our survey site
  • certificate of sponsorship to confirm your participation
  • fact sheet all about the dormouse
  • personalised plaque displayed in the park
What you need to know before sponsoring:
  • sponsorship lasts for one year
  • the physical location of our survey site and therefore the location of your sponsored nest box, are confidential. You will not be able to visit the nest box you sponsor.
  • the data we gather from our surveys will be published on our web site
  • please note that the box you sponsor may not be occupied by a dormouse family. All data gathered is valuable, even when the nest box is vacant or occupied by an animal other than a dormouse
  • your certificate, photograph and fact sheet will be sent to you by mail
  • the nest box you sponsor will be put in place at a time according to the demands of the survey. The photograph of the box in its location will be sent thereafter
  • the plaque acknowledging your support will be displayed in the park adjacent to our Dormouse Rescue and Rehabilitation facility
  • please take care to enter correct information. Your plaque and certificate will contain the text exactly as written. Be aware that due to the size of our plaques, we have a 30 character text limit
  • if you wish to collect your adoption pack from Wildwood Escot, select collection in the delivery options. You will be contacted via phone or email to arrange a collection date convenient to you
  • plaques can take up to 14 days to produce and mount. Please phone us on 01404 822188 to ensure that your plaque is mounted before visiting
  • sponsorships are posted by Royal Mail second class and are typically delivered within 5 working days. Please be aware that on rare occasions delivery may take longer

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* Please note that this sponsorship is only available at our Escot park in Devon. 

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