Pine Marten Appeal
A donation doesn’t just support endangered Pine Martens today. 
You may have already seen, courtesy of the BBC’s The One Show, nest box film footage of our pine marten mother giving birth to and rearing her lively family. This incredible recording is not only delightful, it is rare. Almost as rare in fact as the creatures it portrays. Remarkably, this is the Wildwood Trust’s sixth successful year of breeding thanks to the dedication, skills and understanding of our entire team. Their skills have been perfected as part of our captive breeding programme in order that we can support the return of the pine marten to England.As a Charity, resources are tight and in order to continue, Wildwood Trust needs your support to ensure we see kits in our nesting boxes again this Spring.
How we might use your gift:
£10 - feeds a pine marten family for a week
£15 - buys a bespoke, hand built nesting box 
£50 - contributes to essential veterinary care and medical supplies
£60 - buys an HD weather and pine marten resistant camcorder to monitor the birthing and rearing process
£100 - contributes towards furthering knowledge about the species
You can help us bring back this marvelous animal by clicking the button below. Thank you!


In Memory of Kenneth Henry West

In-Memoriam of Kenneth Henry West, Founder of the Wildwood Trust - 1934-2017

Ken asked for others who were inspired by his life to make a gift to Wildwood Trust in his memory to continue his life’s work to protect wildlife and create a place for nature for all of our future generations.
Father, soldier, decorated police officer, hugely successful businessman, Justice of the Peace but above all wildlife expert and conservationist,
Ken applied his considerable skills to the protection of Wildlife and enthusing others to do the same. A leading light in conservation Ken was a trustee of many Conservation Charities and founder of the Wildwood Trust & Kent Mammal Group.

Ken gave so much to others and was an inspiration to hundreds of conservationists across the UK, but the pinnacle of his achievements was to foster so much achievement in others. Ken was a born leader in business, law and in charities, he inspired hundreds of people in his life to achieve more for the common good and to save our threatened wildlife.

If you would like to contribute towards Ken's legacy and would like to make a gift to Wildwood, please click the button below. Thank you!