The race is on to save baby dormice before it's too late!
New scientific evidence shows the perilous state of Britain’s dormice that now, without our help, face almost certain extinction. Despite being one of our most endearing woodland mammals, its desperate plight has alarmed scientists and the situation is getting much worse!

With your help we can stop the dormouse going extinct in Britain
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Save Our Red Squirrels
Wildwood Trust would like to say a huge thank you to all of our generous supporters, who donated, liked, tweeted and shared our posts during #ChristmasChallenge18 week and helped to raise an amazing £7337.50 to #SaveOurRedSquirrels. 
Donations are no longer being doubled, but if you missed your chance to donate during the Big Give Christmas Challenge, you can still help save our red squirrels by making a donation here.
The red squirrel is our only native squirrel species and is now vastly outnumbered by the invasive grey squirrel. Without immediate conservation the species is expected to be completely wiped out in Britain within the next 12 years!

Red squirrel numbers have been devastated over the past century and will continue to decline towards extinction unless urgent action is taken. We face the risk of this beautiful creature disappearing completely from our countryside and must act now to safeguard their future.

Wildwood run extensive breeding programmes and liaise with reintroduction organisations to ensure the red squirrel maintains its presence in our countryside. Specially designed breeding enclosures will be utilised at Wildwood in Kent and Devon to encourage reproduction from breeding pairs; the young can then be released at designated sites in Wales and Anglesey.

Two red squirrels bred at Wildwood, have recently been sent to Clocaenog Forest as part of a captive breeding and release project in collaboration with The Red Squirrel Trust Wales, Natural Resources Wales and Bangor University. This is the second group of red squirrels sent to this release site since 2017.

The two young squirrels were health checked at Wildwood before moving to Wales at the end of October. They are currently exploring their forest enclosure in Wales, where they will be fitted with radio collars before being released into their new home in the wild. The radio collars pose no risk to the squirrel's health and will allow us to monitor them after their release to ensure they settle in well

Your donation will help us to continue and increase our efforts to save the red squirrels. It will go towards expanding our breeding facilities, renovating old enclosures and adding more breeding pairs to increase the number of squirrels we can supply for release in the wild.