Save Britain's Red Squirrels
Did you know that red squirrels are vastly outnumbered by the invasive grey squirrel and without immediate conservation, they are expected to be completely wiped out in Britain by 2030? 
The Wildwood Trust are excited to be taking part in the Christmas Challenge 2018 which is the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign run by the Big Give, this means your donation could be worth more than four times its original value!

Your pledge is vital to save the red squirrels and to make sure future generations will be able to see them in the wild. The red squirrel is our only native squirrel species, their numbers have been devastated over the past century and will continue to decline towards extinction unless action is taken now.

With a potential £11.3 million up for grabs, we urgently need your support to raise £3,750 in pledges to unlock some of those funds, but we only have until 31st August to reach that target.

Could you or your company make a pledge of £100 or more today to ensure their survival? 

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All of us at Wildwood would like to give a huge thank you to all those that have already pledged their support to help prevent this beautiful creature disappearing completely from our countryside.

Wildwood will run extensive breeding programmes and liaise with reintroduction organisations to ensure the red squirrel maintains its presence in our countryside. Specially designed breeding enclosures will be utilised at Wildwood in Kent and Devon to encourage reproduction from breeding pairs; the young can then be released at designated sites in Wales and Anglesey.

Your support will help us to increase our efforts to save the red squirrels and will go towards expanding our breeding facilities, renovating old enclosures and adding more breeding pairs. Nesting boxes have to be replaced every year and the total cost to make them all is over £600!

It is also important that the squirrels receive an enriched diet, mimicking what they would feed on naturally in the wild. This will result in larger litters, and those being released having a head start as they are already adapted to the diet. A 20kg bag of hazelnuts in shells cost over £100.

Further information on how it works is available here. Please note that you cannot donate online to us during the Christmas Challenge Week if you have committed a pledge promise. See the full Terms & Conditions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on if you need any further information about this appeal.