Time is running out for the pine marten!
The European pine marten was once widespread in the UK. Sadly, centuries of persecution (including poisoning and hunting for their furs) and the gradual disappearance of suitable habitat, has led this beautiful animal to the brink of extinction in Britain.
To help save the pine marten, Wildwood Trust are excited to be taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge the UK’s biggest match funding campaign where donations are doubled! We aim to raise £2,500 in pledges, but we only have until Friday 30th August to reach that target! Could you make a pledge of £100 or more to help us save them? To find out more and make a pledge please click here.
We must act now to save South Hoath Wood!
The last piece of the ancient woodland surrounding wildwood is up for sale. We have already seen one piece of woodland next to Wildwood illegally destroyed, but with your help, we can save this beautiful woodland and the rare wildlife that depends upon it.

Ancient woodland is our equivalent of the rainforest and has the richest wildlife habitat in the UK. Certain species are only ever found in ancient woods and are slow to spread, they do not colonise new woodland easily and younger woods generally will not have the same same level of diversity of wildlife. Your donation today, could help us save this ancient woodland and protect the rare and threatened wildlife it harbours before it's too late! To find out more about how your donation will help, please click here.
The race is on to save baby dormice before it's too late!
New scientific evidence shows the perilous state of Britain’s dormice that now, without our help, face almost certain extinction. Despite being one of our most endearing woodland mammals, its desperate plight has alarmed scientists and the situation is getting much worse!

With your help we can stop the dormouse going extinct in Britain. To find out more and to make a donation to save the baby dormice please click here.
Save Our Red Squirrels
The red squirrel is our only native squirrel species and is now vastly outnumbered by the invasive grey squirrel. Without immediate conservation the species is expected to be completely wiped out in Britain within the next 12 years!

Wildwood has been leading the return of red squirrels back to the UK with important and successful release programmes across Anglesey and mainland Wales. This success has formed a buffer population of red squirrels, regaining lost ground. We have been successfully breeding red squirrels in captivity for over 15 years and send up to 10 juveniles every year for release. To find out more about how your donation will help, please click here.