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Wilder Blean

Close your eyes and imagine somewhere wild, unspoiled - stretching out in front of you, as far as the eye can see, as far as the ear can hear - somewhere truly natural. This place no longer exists in Britain. It is a dream - but together we can change this.

Our wildlife is in crisis. The UK's natural systems face collapse and wildlife numbers continue to plummet. Species in the UK are declining at their fastest rate for thousands of years; 56% of them are in decline, 165 are critically endangered, and animals that were once synonymous with the British countryside have all but disappeared.

Traditional conservation techniques are failing and human management is not enough to create the kinds of habitat wildlife needs.

Can you join us by donating to create a future where people and nature can thrive together?


In the UK, lack of woodland management is one of the biggest drivers in species decline. Traditional conservation methods in woodlands have created vast monocultures, which lack the resilience and diversity essential for a dynamic and truly wild ecosystem. Current management methods involve significant human effort, can be very slow, and rely heavily on disruptive, loud machinery.

A systemic change is needed for nature-led recovery to the crisis we face; the key to sustainable habitat management is using a wilder approach to create nature recovery networks of bigger, better, joined-up habitat. We need natural solutions.

Wilding is when nature is given the space and tools it needs to recover, creating an abundance of biodiversity at levels far beyond what human management alone can achieve. As a keystone species, bison act as ecosystem engineers, helping nature to recover and restoring the natural biodiversity of a landscape. Their natural behaviours - grazing, dust bathing, eating bark, and felling trees - can all have a really positive impact on the ecosystem, creating space for other species to thrive. The bison are experts in the natural restoration of woodlands, and are the best solution for creating a wilder ecosystem. 

We need your help to make sure these bison can restore the Blean!

Ancient woodlands are some of our most valuable natural assets, home to many vulnerable species, but the deterioration of these woodlands threatens their survival. West Blean and Thornden Woods are an incredible example of one of the UK's largest remaining ancient woodlands, with a droveway running through the woods that is almost a thousand years old. These woods are also home to many nationally rare and threatened animals: it is one of the last places in the UK the song of the red-listed nightingale can still be heard; or the beautiful display of the near-extinct heath fritillary butterfly can be seen.

Together, Kent Wildlife Trust and Wildwood Trust are embarking on a flagship wilding project in West Blean and Thornden Woods, introducing bison as natural engineers of restoration. These gentle woodland giants will transform the woods into a lush, thriving, biodiverse environment, and allow us to take a step back from traditional hands-on management practices.

The diverse mosaic of habitats created by restoring natural processes will create a much healthier woodland. Introducing the bison to Blean woods will restore the cyclical relationship between our wildlife and the ecosystem, handing control back to nature. Close your eyes again. Are you ready to make Britain's dream a reality?


Together, we can create a future where there is still hope for wildlife; a wilder future.

If working apart we are a force powerful enough to destabilise our planet, surely working together we are powerful enough to save it
David Attenborough, COP26, Glasgow 2021

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Key Contact : Michael Lunn
Email : appeals@wildwoodtrust.org
Telephone : 01227711900


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